Complaints Procedure


At Ballygood Estates, we want to make sure you’re happy with our service and will do what we can to make sure we always provide you with a high level of customer service.   We are confident that most issues you might have when you are buying a New Home from us, or when you have moved into your New Home, can be resolved quickly by speaking to either the Site Manager or our New Homes Sales Manager, Clare Winning, on 07523 696355.

However, we do understand that sometimes when problems do occur, we may not be able to resolve the issue to your satisfaction and because of this, we have a formal complaints procedure.

How to make a complaint

If you have a complaint, then please inform us by email at

What can you expect from us?

We do understand the importance of responding to queries in a timely and effective manner.

If you make a complaint to us, we will:-

  • acknowledge the complaint no later than 5 days from the first business day after receiving the complaint (the complaint start date)
  • we will outline how we will investigate the complaint no later than 10 days from the complaint start date
  • we will respond with a complaint assessment outlining if any further work/action is necessary no later than 30 days from the complaint start date
  • after 56 days, if the complaint is still ongoing, we will send you a letter outlining a summary of action taken to date, what is still outstanding and timescale of when this will be settled.
  • Once all actions have been completed, we will send you a Closure letter.

We aim to resolve all complaints within the above timescales. However, we know that this may not always be possible.

What should you do if you are not satisfied?

If you are still not satisfied that we have resolved your complaint, then you can, if you wish, contact our Managing Director by email at

Further steps

We will always do our best to deal with our customers in a fair and reasonable manner. If, however, after going through the steps outlined above, if you are still unhappy with our response, you may wish to refer to New Homes Ombudsman Service ( who will review your complaint.   You can contact them by email at or on 0330 808 4286, or register your complaint on their website (

Using the Our Complaints Procedure or New Homes Ombudsman Service does not affect your legal rights. 


Last updated on November 2023